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Rainbow Chard, Butternut Squash & Beef

Bam 💥 quick, nutrient dense meal.

🌿 1 lb Organic grass fed beef

🌿 rainbow Swiss chard

🌿 turnip greens

🌿 4 cloves garlic

🌿 1 bag organic frozen butternut squash

🌱🧂Seasonings- we use garlic powder, thyme (1 Tbsp), rosemary (1 Tbsp) and @redmondrealsalt we just eyeball and taste as we go 😋 the fam enjoyed this over jasmine rice with coconut 🥥 aminos and no rice for me.




1.) Brown the meat with the garlic. Heat squash in separate pan.

2.) Diced the stems of the greens and cook with the meat until tender

3.) Slice the leaves, throw in with the mix and cook it up.

4.) Add your cooked butternut squash to the pan. .


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