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Liquid Gold

Have you ever made your own bone broth? Making your own bone broth is easy and so rewarding! I save up chicken carcasses and leg bones through the week by freezing them. Once I have 3-4 lbs worth it's time to make some healing, nutrient dense bone broth. I made this batch low key with just carrots, celery and parsley. Bone broth is great for gut health, your joints, skin, hair and nails.




🌿Take your bones, cover with filtered water.

🌿add 1-2 Tbsp apple cider vinegar and let sit for about 20 min

🌿add your veggies and herbs. I added my parsley the last few hours.

🌿simmer on low 12-24 hours, you can put in a crockpot on low for 24 hours too.

🌿strain everything out

🌿add 🧂 like @redmondrealsalt when you drink it


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