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GI-MAP & MRT: Stool & Food Sensitivity Testing

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

Health practitioner providing stool & food sensitivity testing with GI-MAP and MRT labs
GI-MAP & MRT Lab Analysis

Super excited to announce I passed my exams and now adding G.I. MAP stool analysis and MRT labs for food sensitivities to my practice.

Health begins in the gut! Going through this schooling has been eye opening to the inaccurate testing performed as well as how some people's findings are not addressed properly. This includes myself, I saw a doctor that specializes in G.I. health that did not address my SIBO the correct way (I still have it) and now I have the tools and knowledge to get the job done right this time.

If you've been doing all the things to get better and have found yourself stuck, consider getting a look at what is going on in your G.I. tract. It is amazing how microbiome imbalances, pathogens and parasites can affect our well being and contribute to many symptoms that aren't digestive.

Even if you've done that, is it possible you have food sensitivities? This testing is different than food allergy labs as it isn't exactly an antibody reaction but instead sensitivities can set off cytokines, prostaglandins and histamines that keep the body in a state of reaction and breakdown the gut lining contributing to ongoing symptoms. Food sensitivities don't just show up as stomach issues. Headaches and migraines, skin issues, dizziness, irritability, brain fog, aches and pains, ADHD symptoms, etc. can all be symptoms of food sensitivity.

Contact me for stool & food sensitivity testing.

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