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Chronic Illness & Flares

FLARES!!! It still happens to health professionals. Man, it's been a minute since I've dealt with this intense pain. I tried reintroducing grass fed butter to my diet and it has resulted in a horrible flare with my Myofascial Pain Syndrome disease. It hurts to be touched, it hurts to lay down, it hurts to move. Every trigger point in my body is lit up like a Christmas tree 🎄and I feel like I got hit by a truck. I was on the verge of tears last night from the pain. Fun fact, my body no longer tolerates pain meds after years on them. Thankfully, I haven't had a need for them in a couple of years thanks to the healing power of AIP. But nights like last night make me want something on standby for these times.

A flare for me can trigger medical trauma and memories of the dark days. All those years of being extremely sick with no hope of getting better. The doctors saying it's lifelong, here's your medication. It's scary and you panic, "I can't go back there!"

Then I remember all the things I know, like, this will pass, breathe and breathe again! Do a guided meditation. Eat anti-inflammatory AIP diet. Get control of those thoughts or it will make it worse. Rest, hydrate, take a salt bath, get the essential oils and heating pad out, watch a movie or 3, be lazy AF and don't feel guilty!


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