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Berkey Water Filtration

What's in your drinking water??? When we are working on healing our bodies it's so important to know where to start. Clean, pure water is one of those starting points. Are you still drinking tap water? If so I highly encourage you to look into a water purifier.

We love our @berkey_filters water!!! Best tasting water!!! It filters out bacteria,🦠 pathogens, heavy metals, pesticides, chemicals and you can add a filter to remove fluoride. This was an investment and gift my amazing husband got me when I graduated nutritional therapy school. I completely get that a lot of people can't afford to run out and get one. Do what you can for now, even if that means starting with a Pur or Brita and start saving for a better water filtration system.

If you're using a RO (reverse osmosis) system be sure you are adding electrolytes back into your drinking water otherwise that RO water with strip your body of electrolytes.

This picture makes me miss this amazing kitchen my husband built me in our home in Oregon!!! I told him we need to recreate it once we buy a home here in Tennessee. I'm missing that 12 foot long kitchen island for batch cooking 😆

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