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You Are The Placebo

Ya'll know I love giving book recommendations 📖🐛 @drjoedispenza is amazing!!! Let me ask you... Where are your thoughts? Do you realize how much power they have? The mind body connection is real. When I first got both of my diagnosis with in months of each other all I could focus on was these thoughts, "Chronic illness, I'll be sick the rest of my life", "I'm sick", "I'm sick", "I'm sick", "It's chronic, it will never end", "I'm never getting better". This went on for a couple years as I grieved "losing my life". DANG!!! That's depressing right? What kind of chemical responses do you think those thoughts caused in my body? Not good ones! But there is a grieving process that must happen in a chronic illness diagnosis. Good news is we don't have to stay there.

I had been working on diet & lifestyle changes but there was still a part missing. This was missing! I have been working on using neuroplasticity and visualizing healing in my body close to a year. This stuff works! I had @dr.marypardee recommended this book to me after one of our appointments. So thankful for that 💖

The times I start feeling bad again are the times I'm not doing my visualization work. I highly recommend using his teachings to aid in healing chronic illness. @drjoedispenza gives amazing insight into neuroscience, biology, psychology, behavioral conditioning, epigenetics and quantum physics.


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