Monthly Wellness Package $150-$185


  This is a 1:1 nutritional therapy coaching for 1 month/4 weeks. This package includes a completely personalized plan just for you with all recommendations tailored to your specific needs.

   This package includes:


   -1.5 hour health history video call covering your birth to where you are now


   -1 Symptom & Nutrient Analysis (NAQ) with functional analysis to pinpoint any physiological                         dysfunction and nutritional deficiencies.

   -1 Symptom Burden Graph with analysis

   -1 Food & mood journal with analysis 


   -A personalized dietary, supplement & lifestyle protocol


   -Weekly 20 minute Zoom video call or phone consultations for added support 


   -Different PDF printouts sent every week  for where you are in your healing journey

   -The AHW Nutrition & Lifestyle Guide, a 17 page informational guide that I wrote for new clients.             This covers all the basics of nutrition and healthy living.

  -10% off all your Full Script supplement orders


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