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What does an FNTP do & Nutritional Therapy

What does a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner do?

As an FNTP, I guide individuals on their journey of self improvement and self healing using a food as medicine approach. FNTPs do not diagnose or treat disease, instead we work with an individual to correct those dysfunctions, deficiencies, and imbalances in the body that contribute to disease on a cellular level. By using nutritional therapy we supply the body and cells with all the building blocks it needs to repair itself. We will work together as a team to discover any root causes of your ailments. I will make recommendations for nutritional therapy protocols, supplements, lifestyle changes and stress reduction. All recommendations are aimed to your bio-individual needs to help restore homeostasis in your body. I firmly believe in bio-individual nutritional therapy. There is no one size fits all diet. Every person is a bio-individual, meaning there is no one like you. Your biochemistry may not respond to the same protocol that your friend had amazing results on. This why bio-individual nutritional therapy is so important.


As an FNTP, I perform hands on functional evaluation of the the body in which I palpate specific neuro-vascular, neuro-lymphatic, and nutritional reflex points on the body that correlate with specific organs and systems of the body. These points help to identify nutritional deficiencies and physiological dysfunction in the body.

I use a biofeedback technique enabled by the CNS (central nervous system) called lingual-neuro testing to determine which nutrients, vitamins, minerals, glandulars and other co-factors are needed by the body to repair and heal itself.

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