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Easy Stir Fry

Poor man's stir fry🥡... super easy, serves 4




🥩1 pound ground beef

🧅1 yellow onion

🧄4 cloves garlic

🥕3-4 large carrots

🌱2-3 cup frozen green bean

🍚cooked jasmine rice or cauliflower rice

🧂Added seasonings while cooking of salt, garlic powder, coconut aminos. I don't measure, just eyeball and taste as I go. Usually sprinkle a few passes of each seasoning.

1️⃣ brown the meat with the garlic

2️⃣ heat up frozen green beans separately, set aside

3️⃣add sliced carrots and onion, cook until almost tender, season with salt, garlic powder and coconut aminos

4️⃣add green beans to mixture

You can add Sriracha sauce, coconut aminos or sweet chili sauce for more flavor 🤤

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