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-AHW 4 Week Course-



The Real Food Revolution: End the Confusion! Learn What’s Actually Healthy, How to Meal Plan / Prep, Lose Weight, Improve Energy & Save Money While Doing It”  


Join the revolution now!!!   Are you tired of being overwhelmed by all the food confusion? One week something is healthy and then the next week is being called unhealthy. So much information out there! Numerous organic labeled foods even being marketed as healthy that aren’t. How do you even know where to start???


We created this course to teach you:


-What is actually healthy & what’s not


-How to read labels & what to look for in ingredients


-What’s the difference between calories and nutrients 


-How to meal plan, prep and batch cook


-Create meals with proper food ratios to balance blood sugar, improve your energy and focus, and lose weight.


Oh yes and lots of healthy, yummy recipes!!! We will even teach you our tricks to saving money on organic foods. At the end you will have a course in nutrition that will leave you feeling informed and empowered to take control of your health and diet. No more food lies, no more fad diets, no more calorie counting and no more confusion!!!


Price for the 4 week class is $75


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